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>> Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey Cocktail Smarties! Sorry it has been a while I have been working like 50hr work weeks lately which is okay because I LOVE the money! :)  Anyways I wanted to share what I have been doing lately for my eye lashes!!

How I got my luscious lashes:

For the past year I have been using the wonderful amazing product called REVITALASH!!!! Yes this is my big secret behind my long lashes.  I have been using Revitalash for almost a year now. It comes in a little tube that looks like liquid eyeliner. You apply it on your upper lash line every night before you go to bed.  I started to see results my self after about 8-9 weeks. after about 6 months though I got kinda lazy and only started applying it like once a week if that. If you go to the Revitalash site it costs like $100 and more I think but I got it on Amazon for only $60.  To this day I am STILL using the same tube... that goes to show you how long they last!  I now very rarely wear fake lashes... only on special occasions.

After growing my lashes nice and long I was on the quest for the *best* Mascara to enhance them even more. What I have noticed about having longer lashes is that CLUMPY mascara is 10 times more noticeable.  Here is what I have found to work best for me, and what I do on a daily basis.

FIRST I curl my eyelashes (which I always used to do last, but realize not that its better for your lashes to do first). 

Next I apply my mascara and since I have not yet found the BEST mascara to do everything I want it to do... I use TWO!

SECOND I apply Maybelline Stiletto Lash to the tips of my lashes... this mascara is an AMAZING separating and lengthening mascara!!  I only apply this to the tips because I will apply the second mascara on all of my lashes... and having the second coat only on the tips give your lashes the appearance of being longer.  I also use the Stiletto Lash to lengthen the corners of my lashes as well as my lashes on the lower lash line.

THIRD I apply Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara to all my lashes, root to tip.  This mascara is AMAZING at thickening your lashes and giving them that glamorous black look.  The only bad thing about this brush is that it is SO thick it isn't to great to get those inner lashes or bottom ones without getting it on your skin and making a mess or messing up your shadow.

That's why I think that these Mascaras are such a great combo... I know that using two may seem a little tedious but to me it is well worth it!

 Lastly here is a photo of the day from last weekend... I was supposed to go to downtown West Palm but ended up not going! I used the MAC Cinderfella with some color... I'm still so stuck on purple!
PS... I wasn't wearing that pink shirt to go out lol that was just a T-shirt I had on while getting ready! :)

PS. Excuse the pale dry lips! lol I hadn't put chap stick or a lippie on yet ;)


NYX Jumbo Pencils

>> Friday, October 2, 2009

Collection & Swatches

Hello my lovely Cocktail Smarties!!  I thought I would share some swatches of the NYX Jumbo Pencil Collection and Swatches.  These things are GREAT and have so many uses.  I use one of these babies in almost every look I do... in one way or another!

You can use them for:
  • A base before applying a dry e/s
  • Eyeliner on water line or upper lash line
  • By themself sumuged out

Here is the whole collection

Here are what they all look like:

From Left to Right:
Milk, Black Bean, Dark Brown, Pots and Pans, Baby Blue, Strawberry Milk, Rust, Yellow, Orange, Cherry, Hot Pink, Bronze

From Left to Right:
French Fries, Gold, Yogurt, Oyster, Cottage Cheese, Horse Raddish, Iced Mocha, Slate, Pacific, Purple, Lavender, Lemon

I also Have the entire collection of NYX Liners... I was feeling kinda lazy to swatch all of these but If there is a color you see that you want swatched just let me know and I'll be glad to show ya!

***Best Deal on NYX Liners***

Most of you lovelies know about
I purchased my jumbo liners on Ebay from seller Bubbles_n_Mocci for about $50 which is a way better deal than Cherry Culture because on Cherry Culture they are $3.00 each and from ebay I paid only $2.10 each.

I know that you have to be carefull with Ebay sellers if you guys have any sellers that you trust and love let me know!! :)


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