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>> Saturday, July 11, 2009


So I have a HUGE appreciation for all things beautiful and artistic….. especially the things I can’t do my self. I love looking at the work of graffiti artists. Its so much more than spray paint on a wall!! It can be anything from a simple written word to and intricate elaborate wall painting… either way its *unique* In most places people consider graffiti as vandalism… but I think its part of a culture that if you don’t have an open mind towards you will see it as a negative and not appreciate its beauty. Here are some of my favorite works of **ART**

:It is also used to communicate social and political messages:

This is a picture that I took while driving through NYC a few months ago
(In March)

In Downtown Orlando, FL they have this old abandoned building that at first glance is “vandalized” in graffiti. My first time there we pulled up and saw a few kids spray-painting on the side of the building. My boyfriend and I were in shock because it was the middle of the day. We were really looking around to see if anyone else thought that it was abnormal. (Ha what dorks) But we quickly realized that the city allowed people to tag and spray paint all over the building. Words couldn't describe how beautiful some of the work was.

The inside of the building was just as artistic, the owners used it to have local bands perform, sneaker battle events, and anything positive for kids/ teens to be involved in. What a GREAT idea, they even had cops driving around to make sure no one bothers them while they have their events. I actually talked to one of the cops and they said that having this one building has eliminated almost ALL of the graffiti around the city. Here is just one of the a thousand photos I have of this place… is it my FAVORITE and I’m sure it isn’t hard to guess why…


This picture is actually the background on my laptop screen.


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